Consumption of sugary drinks, tobacco and fats increases the risk of heart attack and cancer; Sanaullah Ghumman


ISLAMABAD, (Parliament Times)  : Sanaullah Ghumman, General Secretary, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), said that diet is better than cure, heart attack, cancer are deadly diseases, which are expensive to treat. Instead of trying to recover, you should
try to avoid sugar drinks, tobacco and fat. Life is precious, value it.
He said this while addressing a two-day CPR training workshop at the Prime
Minister's House organized by Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH). All
the staff of the Prime Minister of Pakistan were trained in First Aid Prevention
(CPR) for Prevention of Heart Attack. A drama on "Harkat Dil Nawae Zindagi"
based on CPR training with practical observation was also shown.
Dr. Shehnaz Hameed Mian said that the American Heart Association brings
innovation in CPR training every two years. It is very important to compress the
chest pressure during CPR. During a heart attack, if the brain does not receive
oxygen and blood, then brain death occurs, after which it does not make sense
to be physically alive. The fastest medical aid in the world takes 8 to 10 minutes.
If the CPR is done on time, the patient will be able to reach the hospital.
Sanaullah Ghumman, General Secretary of Panah, said that saving a human life
means saving the whole of humanity. When Panah was laid 36 years ago to
prevent heart disease, Some circles took it lightly, today every minute and a half
a human life is lost due to heart attack, but time has proved that timely action is
right, don't be careless with heart health, daily consumption of sugary drinks is
42% heart attack and 18% Increases the risk of cancer, while tobacco kills half of
its users. If heart attack is to be avoided, the causative factors must be to avoid
the use of sugary drinks, tobacco and fats. So, make a simple and natural diet,
exercise your routine and get rid of the causes of diseases, stay healthy and live
a full life with your loved ones.

The staff of the Prime Minister's House termed the CPR training workshop as
very useful and said that similar training workshops should be held in future