Story of Hazrat Yousuf A.S


M Yousuf AB
Progenitor I have dreamed a dream in which eleven Stars Moon and sun are kotowing in front of me. My cute son don’t share it with your brothers so that they should not harm you said by his father Hazrat Yaboob. Hazrat Yaboob loved him so much because of which his ten brothers were jealous. The brothers have decided that they will take hazrat Yousuf with them and they will harm him. One day all of his brothers came to request their father to allow Yousuf with them in Forest. Ones he didn’t accept but after a big deal he allowed Yousuf to go with. When they reached in browsing and start teasing Yousuf and beat him like an animal also his brother Youda put him in the well. Afterward they slaughtered a sheep and put the blood on Yousuf clothes and start crying. However when they reached in the home and started crying that wolf has eaten him Hazrat Yaboob didn’t believe on them also he started invistagion of Yousuf . A big group of people were going to Egypt for Marchant then they we’re so thirsty that they came near the well where Yousuf was thrown. This was the event that first time wahi came by Angel Jibareel.A person came to take water when he put the basket and Hazrat Yousuf also came with basket. When they saw Yousuf A.S they were shocked and also happy that how handsome was he. They took him with them to sell him as a slave in Egypt when they were on the way Yousuf saw his mother’s grave and run to see it. However they see him and a man beat him a slaf and his hand start paining. He prayed for the hand when they went to Egypt and sold him for some dinar. He was bought by a king of Egypt when he was taken to home the king asked his wife Bibi Zuliqa to take care of him may he comes in our work. The events went when Hazrat Yousuf was 18 and Bibi Zuliqa was comfortably impressed by his beauty who was the handsome boy in century. One day Zuliqa planned for harming Yousuf that she loved she closed seven doors of the kingdom but Yousuf was not aware and Zuliqa asked him for bad doings but he said that Allah is seeing us then she took a shawl on the idiol and said that his eyes are closed. He said that it is not the god our God is Allah. Hazrat Yousuf run also he opened all the doors but in seventh door king was standing that he caught them. Hazrat Yousuf called a small baby who was only six months. Baby said if the clothes are toren back side then Zuliqa is wrong if it is broken in front side Yousuf is wrong then Yousuf was not wrong but the king arrested him and put him in prison. There he meet with two men who were imprisoned along time. One day two of them saw a dream. Hazrat Yousuf give the meaning that one will be released and other will be hang. One day all prisoners were sitting together and waiting for food then they asked Yousuf that what food will there? Hazrat Yousuf answered that there will be meat then all of them laughed and said that in prison meat. When the launch came there were meat then they were ashamed. Although the day came that one man was going to be released from prison and Yousuf AS asked that talk about me in kingdom. Because of which Allah the Almighty punish him for this. On the contrary the king dreamed a dream that (seven fat cows are eating seven thin cows,also seven dry grain grass are destroying seven green grain) King asked to all of the big big mula about the meaning of this dream but no one answered well. The man whose dream was given a meaning remember Hazrat Yousuf. Even he forgot him and he said to the king that there is a man who knows about your dream then king asked him to go and ask him. A long period of gap between the two of them was await to meet after a small dream he reached at prison and saw Yousuf A.S and start small amount of minutes for apologize that Hazrat Yousuf accept as a sympathy and mean that in seven years there will be more raining and many grains but after seven years there will dry earth rather than grain and raining. A huge hug Yousuf give him and send him back. The listen this meaning and asked for releasing him from prison when he came to kingdom was hearthly welcomed for his sympathy. Afterward he was allowed to spread oneness of Allah then all the Egypt become Muslim and he was on a big position in the kingdom and he got married with Asnat and soon have a small family but a life was waiting for him who was Zuliqa for a long time. She always said that Yursuf smell is there she loved him so much this time she was old and blind. Seven years went and the family of Hazrat Yousuf came for wheat and Yousuf saw the that they were old with many sarrows. He was surprised to see them and call them for a small hostility in his room and he asked them about there family the meeting end when Yousuf asked them to bring their brother Banayam next time. This time brothers don’t know him and went back there when they asked their father Yaboob to let Banayam with them however Hazrat Yaboob was in the dream of losing his Yousuf and he let Banayam because he didn’t have any other ideas for going in Egypt for wheats. Next time when they reached and Hazrat Yousuf give them wheat and asked for not allowing Banayam with them . He kissed him and give him his horse and shawl for his father. When Banayam reached and put the shawl on Yaboob eyes that were being bright. Banayam took him and all the family went to Egypt when they arrived and Yousuf and Yaboob for 40 years gap between them first time they become inconsiuses¬† Hazrat Yousuf said that be good have good .