Pakistan embassy in Kabul expresses shock over visa stampede tragedy



Kabul: (Raja Furqan Ahmed) Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul issued a statement expressing its regret over the loss of lives in Wednesday’s stampede at a stadium close to their consulate in Jalalabad city, which claimed the lives of at least 15 people. The stampede happened about 5 km from the consulate after thousands of Afghans had gathered to start the application process for visas to travel to Pakistan.
Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansoor Ahmad Khan, in his tweet posted a condolence message stated that: “Deeply saddened at the reports of casualties at a stadium in Jalalabad 5 km from Pakistani Consulate where visa applicants were being organized by Afghan provincial authorities. We sympathize with the families of victims.” He further added: “We are engaged with Afghan authorities for better facilitation of visa applicants. We are committed to continue visa issuance to Afghan nationals under new visa policy while making the process smoother and streamlined at our end.”
The embassy said in an official statement that the incident happened when visa applicants were being “gathered and organized by the provincial Afghan authorities. The embassy also appealed to the Afghan people for their cooperation and to the Afghan authorities “for better and secure management of the Afghan visa applicants.”