Letter to the editor


. Koh-e-Maidan

Koh e Maidan is consist of minerals but lake fundamental facilities Natural
resources play a dynamic role for the construction of a comprehensive economy. Pakistan: which contains the huge numbers of minerals from the varied areas of the country.However,Koh e Maidan which is housed in the district of Karak KPK. Is stintless of natural resources. Unluckily deprived from optimum fundamental facilities such as Roads issue, lake from school and hospital. The critical health issues they do take the help bed's for sensitive patient . Some times the patient loose their lives during
the travel.It is the lability of the federal and provisional Government to facilitate the Kohe Maiden which can play essential role for Pakistan future. It is a massive issue which is spending in my mind, I do not know where I should to start, where to end and where to put my words. Education is the fundamental needs for every one but unfortunately many people of from Balochistan lock this compulsory aspect in this modernity. Really education system in Balochistan is under the earth. Mostly education system in Balochistan is very worse and in Balochistan.
The students are not getting their rights and basic needs for getting education. We must be more and more familiar to education and do our level best to get its banefits completly. Education system mainly in Balochistan shows very depressing picture where one is not able enough to go to in high position.
Education aids an individual at any fields of life. It is the light which removes the ignorance of individuals as if a light removes darkness in a place. It is true that students are in miserable condition in our society due to no proper education, because they hardly ever get the chance to get education from class one matric. Surely no one can deny the fact that without proper education. None of the individuals can be prosperous though and through in this world. So it is my humble suggestion to the government of Balochistan that it should take actions on this effective issue which effects the people to live properly in

Maryam Assa Turbat, Kech.