Girls’ education needs revolution in Sindh


Sameer Aslam
Balochistan is the largest and richest province of pakistan which covers 47 percent of land masses. Balochistan is rich enough in sources of produting minerals but too faces miximum problems such as health problems, poverty and education is one of them which Balochistan is facing a lot problem. These are the main reasons behind of undevelopment of Balochistan and these problems have brought the province in miserable condition. Education is considered the fundamental right of every person to get it and it the power to develop a nation. If we view toward Balochistan that education is the main problem in it. The total literacy rate of Balochistan is 41 percent but female literacy rate stand at 29 percent while male literacy is 56 percent which is less than other three provinces. It indicates the condition of female education deplorable in the province Besides this, according to a report, 22.8 million children aged 15 to 16 are far from attaining education. And 11.4 million aged 10 to 14 are not getting formal education. Furthermore, 78 percent females are not getting education and the are just used for domestic violence, like, washing clothes, cooking and puring homes Additionally,in Balochistan there 11627 primary schools, 1,271 middle schools and 947 high schools. Among these 9, 247 school face maximum obstacles due to lack of water and many children go to their homes for drinking water during their classes. Other side, 5,296 schools contain one teacher and one class. Particularly, in rural areas of Balochistan schools are miserable. In there more than hundred children come for studying, how it is possible for them to be comfortable in one class in at least 4 to 5 hours and how one teacher can manage the activities of at least four or six subjects. In these schools teachers and candidates face several problems and can not study comfortably. In the same way, in the province 9838 schools lack toilets and 7900 schools lack boundary. So, in these horrible schools how one can attain knowledge and informations. Apart from the education qualities of schools, they are lack fundamental requirements. Eventually, I please to the all education department leaders to take a dire action regarding this menace in Balochistan. And equip all fundamental requirements of the miserable schools and bring teachers to schools and there must be quality education in Balochistan.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Awaran.)