Failure is not the End


Sattar Samad
Failure is the main reason of success. It is just like a suggestion for our next generations. If one fails the first time then they should start their try again and again and that will become a lesson for our upcoming generations. Failure find out the committed mistakes and warns us not to commit them again. However, failure is the basic part of our daily lives. For the first time of failure we should not loose courage rather we should get more self-belief. Failure can mold us and can make us competitivly ready for the challenges of life. We must never be disappointed due to failure. Only one thing can make us far from success and that is the fear of failure. It is common in everyone of us. We all are afraid of failure and that stops us from trying to do what we want to do.  We need to believe in ourselves and keep these things in our mind for facing failure: 1. Never Give Up: We frequently say this to ourselves not to give up because we have heard everywhere. But, when it comes to our practical life, we easily give up. After seeing a small obstacle on our way we stop our journey. We should learn from the examples of successful people. They are the ones who never gave up and today they are known to everyone due to their success and constancy.   “If you fail, never give up, because fail stands for First Attempt In Learning.” End is not the end, in fact end means Effort Never Dies. If you get “No” as an answer, remember “No” means Next Opportunity. So let’s be positive. Everyone has dreams but successful people are those who reimbursed their dreams. 2. Never Get Dissapointed: Failure comes in everyone’s life but getting disappointed in an habit of only those who are coward. Brave and committed people never get disappointed. They learn from their past mistakes and try again. And they are the ones to motivate themselves, they do not need someone else for that. Disappointment is full of sorrows, sadness, weakness. We frequently lose our hopes and courages. In this manner we are calling failure and we will automatically fail if we are disappointed and hopeless.  What we need is patience. Whatever comes in front of us, we need to face them bravely and we need to have self-belief in ourselves. One day will come that we will be proud of our failures.

(-The writer is freelance columnist based in Turbat.)