Drug Addiction


Iqra Saleh
Drug Addiction is one of the biggest issues in the world especially in Pakistan, which is destroying the lives of youths. It is a fact that the druggies lose their mental and physical balance, if they take much of them. They posh themselves to death. Furthermore, drug addiction is increasing consistently in Pakistan that mostly youths are addicted. As well as, it is seen that the students from schools, colleges, and universities are using drugs to destroy their lives and it is increasing in educational institutions across Pakistan. According, to a report that 53 percentage of students of leading private schools in Islamabad are addicted to drugs. Schools are such institutions where everyone gets the way to accomplish a certain goal but in Pakistan students are being druggies, what would the future of them? In the same way, in 2018 more than 6000 cases of drugs were reported from schools, colleges and universities. It became a major problem in Pakistan. So, we should not take drugs, in place of taking drugs we should focus on our future and government should also take serious actions on it in order to eliminate this horrible disease in our country.

(-The writer is freelance columnist)