Zhob public park presents a picture of negligence; no one pays attention


By Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: Despite the fact that Zhob is considered to be the second largest city of the province, yet it has a chronic shortage of public parks. Children have no place to play sports. Last year Inspector General of the Frontier Corps inaugurated a newly built public part on Quetta road near Radio Pakistan, but is has been closed since the Covid-19 pandemic emergence. While another part near Kaliwal Shaheed chowk presents a picture of negligence since long. Poor maintenance, accumulated rain water, dysfunctional water fountain and broken equipments – is a glimpse of park, right under the nose of the Municipal Committee office.

The recreational facility could not attract the visitors to breathe in a congenial and clean environment in the past many years, as it has become futile for the public. The park has been turned into a grimy place because of the negligence of the Municipal administration.

Although the public parks and playgrounds are essential for promotion of recreational activities, but due to the government’s apathy, here the park presents a picture of neglect. Lack of facilities and filthy environment discourage the children to visit the park. The ground level at the end of the park is lower than the front side and rain water often accumulated. In rainy season the ground gets flooded and water stagnates for several weeks. Neither the local administration nor the provincial government is interested to pay any attention towards the park. Even the elected representatives also did not feel the need to include the park in the list of uplift schemes.

On the other hand Municipal administration is responsible for maintenance of the park does not have the required funds.

People of the area have demanded of the government to allocate funds for the park to construct pathways, provide benches, lighting and other facilities. It is need of the hour to create opportunities for the youth and engage them in healthy activities by providing them proper places for their sports and recreational activities.


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