Sardar Yaqoob concerned over dire HR situation in IoK



Rawalakot:   (Parliament Times)   Former President and Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan while expressing his serious concerns over the dire situation in the Indian held territory of Jammu and Kashmir has said the global community should take immediate and effective notice to Indian state terrorism and worsening human rights situation in the disputed territory.

While talking to a delegation comprised of Akhtar Awan, Sajid Awan, Iqbal Awan, Arif Awan, Khadim Hussain, Haji Mushtaq, Noor Ahmad, Abdul Rauf Asif Khan the former premier said that that India’s barbarism and aggressive attitude was a major threat to peace in the region.

India he said was pursuing a policy of genocide in Kashmir to turn the majority of Muslims in the region into a minority.

Referring to incumbent government’s apathy towards the issues faced by the public he said, “The way the general public has been exploited during the last four years is no longer a secret; all the mega projects in Poonch initiated and accomplished during my tenure, including the establishment of medical colleges and universities”.

He said that all the roads under the Asian Development Bank were constructed during our tenure and today others were taking credit for the work initiated by us.

Serving the people, he said was his mission adding that “I am not used to making verbal claims and nor shall I do so in the future”. “Within two years of coming to power, I will complete all the work of Sinogala which is incomplete”, he assured the visiting delegation. The delegation on the occasion thanked Sardar Yaqoob Khan for his public services.


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