“Gul wadh ni gai, Gul muk gai hai”, PML-N


ISLAMABAD:    Former Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal Ahsan have said the season-2 of arrests is going to start and PML-N is ready to face the season-2 in connection with their arrests.

“Season two of arrests is ahead and we are ready to face this season as well. The dignity of the national institutions is being sacrificed on the ineptness of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan. The ministers of Imran Khan are hiding repeatedly behind national institutions”, the PML-N leaders said while talking to media men outside the Accountability Court (AC) here Tuesday.

Ahsan Iqbal claimed that government some times brings to fore judiciary and some times armed forces. Government is playing this heinous game to cover up its failures.

“We had earlier said this company would not run. Now this company has flopped. Some people used to say “ Gul wadh gai” ( story has prolonged) but I say “ gul muk gai”(story is finished)”, he remarked.

All institutions have been pushed into it. Forget Kashmir and take action against PML-N, he held.

One day our 20 jawans were martyred, he said adding I salute them. Besides it I ask question why terrorism is resurging when it was weeded out.

He underlined the institution which were to fight against terrorism have been deployed in political war. National Action Plan (NAP) has been transformed into Political Vendetta Plan (PVP)

He observed “ in our tenure India had no courage to cast an evil eye on Kashmir. During Imran regime India has devoured Occupied Kashmir.

Imran Khan should tell me against whom I should get register FIR of Kashmir, he inquired.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said government and NAB have failed to decide so far what is the case against us. The thousands of pages filed in court by NAB are but the waste papers only, he added. What justice could be expected from the court which was led by Judge Arshid Malik.

He added Capt (Retd) Safdar has been granted bail but who will grant bail to IG Sindh.

He claimed government has fully failed and a storm of inflation is raging in the country. On the other hand government is all set to crush opposition rather than crushing inflation, he underscored.


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