ILO organises workshop to train overseas workers


Rawalpindi:  (Parliament Times)    Despite the World Bank’s prediction of decline in foreign remittances during COVID Pandemic, overseas Pakistanis sent record home remittances with a surge of 6.4 percent during the four months of lock down, said Mr. Khalik Nawaz CEO Shaalan and KHM while addressing to the participants of a training workshop under the instructions of International Labour Organization (ILO) here on Sunday.

Workshop was held to train the overseas workers on how to ensure their job security in foreign countries. They were told that their behavior and complete knowledge of law and social norms of job giving countries is a must to protect their rights and job security. Mr. Khalid Nawaz said Shaalan and KHM are working for the protection of overseas Pakistani’s rights at their job places since last decade. He said during the corona emergency lock down, a number of unskilled Pakistani workers abroad became unemployed who were accommodated by our government in the Clean and Green Pakistan Project. “Skillful workers abroad, due to their skills, were not asked to leave their jobs thus this proves the significance of technical skills’ ‘, he mentioned saying that our youth should come forward to learn market need based skills. He said to rise to the occasion our government needs to establish more and more technical training centers and up-grade the capacity of existing ones to make our youth skillful.

He said the latest computer technologies entered every field including agriculture, medicine, industry and others. “We are in the need of having our youth trained in these technologies if we want to rise to the occasion”, he added. He said these skills shall help to reduce poverty and unemployment from the country. Khalid Nawaz advised the participants of the workshop to make them fully aware of the laws and social norms of the relevant countries where they are going at their jobs. Besides this they should also mend their behavior to ensure job security, he concluded.


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