Chinese imperialism and its “Dept-trap Diplomacy”

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Akhtar Umrani
The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word crisis.One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.In a crisis be aware of danger— but recognize the opportunity,”said by the Former President of United States John F. Kennedy.Chinese debt-trap diplomacy is defined by the world’s foreign policy experts as a great game to colonized the poor countries when they stuck into China’s debt-trap. China has been a good and a supportive friend to most of the underdeveloping countries, such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Tango and some others. Countries which were monetarily weak and wanted to build their infrastructure would seek loans from China, and China would happily provide them unconditional loans and financial assistance. Eventually, when at the end those countries fail to repay the loans with interest, China would take the key points of those countries, like sea ports, airports and others into its control and use them for its military purposes.Similarly, China did the same with Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka sought help from China to start some major development

projects to build its infrastructure. China had given money to Sri Lanka and after the repayment date came near, China asked for repayment of the loans when Sri Lanka was suffering from a turbulent phase of economic crisis, so Sri Lanka was compel to hand over its key port of Hambantota to china on lease of 99 years. Interestingly, the Port of Hambantota was the Port built on Chinese loans by a Chinese construction company.It means Sri Lanka is the debtor of China for what it had done for Chinese interests on its land.According to reports, China has built many projects which ware actually not needed at all.Today, China is applying the same formula in Pakistan on the name of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).According to the official website of Federal Government of Pakistan, the cost of the projects associated with CPEC were $46 billion which increased in 2019 to $62 billion pushing Pakistan more into the debt-trap.Coming to Balochistan,It is only an illusion that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will bring properity for the people of Balochistan and it will create employment opportunities for the youths since the contracts for the projects associated with CPEC were given to Chinese construction companies who will, obviously, bring workers from China.China has adopted a well-planned policy to broadened Chinese Dept-trap.Besides,, the Chinese investments and unconditional loans can be considered efforts to materialize the dream of Chinese imperialism in Asia by bringing the neighboring countries into Chinese influence either by military acts or wealth.Finally,the world should seriously be concerned about the growing Chinese influence and make effective efforts to curb it, otherwise,  the world will face harmful consequences.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)


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