Qatar Charity provides Rs. 243 million relief for orphan, vulnerable children in AJK


Altaf Hamid Rao.
MIRPUR (AJK):   (Parliament Times)    Qatar Charity Thursday provided Rs. 243 million as relief for more than 100,000 orphan and vulnerable children belonging to various parts of Azad Jammu Kashmir.

At the same time Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan, while describing the Qatar Charity as a role model for those working in the social sector, has said that those helping the orphan and vulnerable children are our benefactors and well wishes in the real sense.

He made these remarks at ceremony held in connection with distributing relief cheques among orphan children at in Rawalakot city of AJK on Thursday under the auspices of the Qatar Charity, AJK President office told this Correspondent Thursday night.

The organization has provided a huge amount of Rs. 243 million as relief to more than 100,000 orphan and vulnerable children.

The AJK president said that the concept of support to orphan children is found in every religion, but Islam is the only religion which has declared it obligatory, and Qatar Charity has provided education, residence, food, dress and health facilities worth hundreds of millions of rupees to more than 100,000 poor and orphan children at their doorstep in remote areas of the liberated territory since 1998. Hundreds of children who had completed their studies in medical and engineering disciplines because of the support from Qatar Charity, are now serving country and the nation, he said, and particularly mentioned completion of various projects by Qatar Charity in earthquake-hit areas of Azad Kashmir.

He also thanked Qatar Charity management and the philanthropists for supporting hundreds of orphan children in Rawalakot and surrounding areas.

Earlier addressing the function, Country Program Manager of Qatar Charity Mohammad Waqas asserted that his organization was functioning in more than 30 countries including Pakistan. at present, it is registered with the federal interior ministry and is providing education scholarships to 7,000 children and is also fulfilling their other needs. Besides providing support to 3,500 children in Azad Kashmir, it is providing dowry on the wedding of orphan girls, and is constructing water, sanitation and health facilities, provide equipment to hospitals and imparting training to health staff.

He said that the Charity had established its offices in Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot, and it has also taken part in relief and rehabilitation in work in Mirpur after the recent earthquake.

Sardar Masood Khan also appreciated the organization to launching different projects to respond to climate changes and to deal with the modern challenges.

The function was also address by Country Program Manager of Qatar Charity Mohammad Waqas, Program Coordinator Imran Khan, Program Officer Naeemul Haq, and Field Supervisor Amjad Nadeem.


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