Eva Alcon research on language and learning: implications for language teaching


Muhammad Aftab Khan
This is one of Eva Alcon best research on language and learning which is well written in the English language and whatever she has said regarding language teaching and use is quite satisfactory. The authoritative manner of the research is justified in the light of fact that she is such a learned woman of the English as her second language. The research article is a wonderful example of the compact and compressed style of Eva Alcon.. The research paper illustrates Alcon practical wisdom. She gives sound advice to both students and teachers that how to learn and use the target language. She shows a thorough knowledge of the subject and keen insight into the new strategies and intricacies of learning and teaching second language. The aim of the research article provides teachers with a basis for language teaching. Latest rules and perspectives for language teaching are presented and suggested in the research article that might result in learner and teacher development. The research article deals with tthe best ways of teaching and learning a second language. Communicative language teaching (CLT) has been considered as the best method to set the goals in language learning but subsequently, alternative methodological options are also suggested to find for specific educational contexts. Applied linguistics is accounted as a mediator between theory and practice in language learning. CLT is favored as a basis for language teaching. Communication on target language is regarded as the best way of teaching and learning. In our country English language is being taught as a second language which is our official language and various newspapers are also published in the English language across the country. But unfortunately, students in Pakistan are far from being satisfaction because the teaching of English in our educational institutions is in a chaotic state today. Pupils are taught with traditional methods. They are unable to speak and write accurately and fluently because they are unaware of the latest techniques and methods that are entertained in other countries. Unfortunately, no attention is overpaid for pronunciation practice, listening, and comprehension. So, when they pass out from universities and colleges, they are ignorant as they were when they first entered the English language class. Only grammar is focused and considered as the best way of learning the target the language in our country. Broadly speaking, it is observed that the me hods of learning the second language in Pakistan are quite different and apathetic as compare to the other countries that are speaking English as their second language. There is a need for new approaches as suggested in the research paper of Eva. Especially, the communicative language teaching method should be applied for learning and teaching the second language. Teaching of linguistic competence, the teaching of grammar, and vocabulary are insufficient to develop communicative competence. In light of this careful observation, it is possible to conclude that the conditions under which English is taught need careful considerations. Eva research paper on Implications for language teaching helps in finding the best methods to apply in our education sectors.



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