Quality Education


GM Mallah
The following are major stakeholders in nation building divided in to two sectors public and private i.e. Primary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Intermediate colleges, Degree Colleges, Degree Awarding Institutions, Higher Educational Institutions, Area Study Centers, Research Centers, and the Universities across the country. Moreover, thousands of Public and Private Sector employers viz. a viz. Ministries, Departments, Autonomous bodies, regulatory Authorities, attached Departments, Divisions divided into two types Federal and Provincial, private companies etc. In the developed countries all the participants are participating their role with aligned & interlinked each other, like a building to build a nation and working smoothly, in the results the countries has been developed and ranked high in the global world. The scenario in our counties is very different. The Ministry of Education, has been changed many times in last decade, example Ministry of Education changed into Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training, and Standards of Higher Education after 18th amendment, the next Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MoF&PT) etc MoFE&PT, Higher Education Commission, all stakeholder cited above in first para are un-aligned and not interlinked with each other. There is huge gap between Federal Government and Provincial Government, Primary and Higher Schools, Colleges and Universities. Universities & Companies, Government Sector and Private Sector. HEIs are producing different candidates with various types of subjects and companies need different type’s skills and subjects of employees. This is the main reason of quality education in the country to build the nation. In this backdrop the Government of Pakistan and all stakeholders take serious note and make an arrangement to effective coordination, align, and interlinked to work smoothly to overcome poor quality education and build the nation as Naya-Pakistan.


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