Problems faced by the girls of Rural Karachi to get Education


Tayyaba Jokhio
Education is the basic right of every human being which gives an individual sense of thinking. It makes people worthy of having their point of view, to see the world and distinguish between right and wrong. Education is that possession which can never be stolen. It is the enormous ocean of knowledge and wisdom where true seekers and willing to learn people never get tired but they keep diving deep in it and enlighten their world with its light. Nelson Mandela quoted; “EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD”..! According to the A-37 the Constitution of Pakistan, “Women’s education is the fundamental right of every female citizen”. But the high illiteracy rate is on the top of the problems of the state, mainly in rural areas. Here I am going to give prominence to the issues faced by the girls of rural areas of Karachi primarily in MALIR. Malir is well known for its greenery in Karachi and a traditional Center of the city but the large number of women in Malir are deprived of education and are backward in comparison to urban areas of the city Awareness and Mobilization: he main factor which is necessary to implement on anything is awareness about the importance of that particular thing. This is also the main reason behind the lack of education that the parents and guardians are illiterate and do not consider it important to educate their girls. So there should be community mobilization by the leaders and noble people of the area to give awareness about the value and significance of education. A committee should sit and make a strategy to motivate people with good guidance So, they become willing to educate their girls. Following are some obstacles that are faced by the Girls in Rural Karachi in securing their Education: inancial Problem: Financial Problem is faced by the parents in educating their girls because most of the people are below the poverty line. The Dowery system is also one of the worst rituals of the society So, instead of investing money on their girls’ education, Parents save that money for the dowery of their daughters to satisfy the community. Lack Of Resources: There is lack of resources in rural areas of Karachi to get higher education. Boys manage to go out of station for their studies but girls can not get a quality education. In some of the villages, there is no Government School. If the government school is present So, it’s condition is worst and there are no establishments according to the demand of the 21st century which is the main reason behind the high failure ratio in these areas in SSC and HSC because there are no libraries and coaching centers to prepare the students. Transportation: Transportation is another hurdle faced by the girls. Not even a single university bus come in rural areas. They are not given this right from the government. Due to the convenience issue majority of the girls do not continue their higher studies if few who are supported by family travel through public transport but there is also fear of harassment. Domestic Works: Where domestic works which are basic life skills, not a gender role are considered as the responsibility of only girls. It is regarded as dishonor in most of the conservative families of rural areas that females of their family do job So, they do not educate their girls as they think there is no need for it. Early Marriage Issue: Most of the girls do not get higher education because they are likely to get married after their matriculation or some are even married during their secondary education. Because of the other overwhelming responsibilities on their shoulders,  girls have to leave their education. Gender Discrimination: Gender equivalence in education should be a priority that can not be ignored. But still gender discrimination exists, In most of the families s in a rural area, it is their opinion that boys should get good and higher education because they are going to live with family and earn for them and girls are going others home after marriage So, there is no point to educate them. Ethical Problems: The rate of harassment is increasing day by day. Girls are harassed physically and mentally at different places, at their institutions, in the way of going and coming back home and seeing the current situation parents fear to send their daughters outside to get an education even there are the girls who don’t tell about being victimized because they know that their parents will make them out of the school as a solution. Here are few suggestions and demands: ?Awareness campaigns should be run in which the virtue and importance of education should be explained to the people. University buses should come to the village even if a  single student is going to University  Government Schools should be visited every month to interrogate about the quality of education. There should be proper Science and Computer labs in each government school. The teaching method should be modern The classes should be taken through multimedia. Every Village in Malir should have its library.  Career counseling should be given to students from the primary classes to develop their mentalities.   Courses should be initiated for the parents from the government to acknowledge them about their participation in their children education. Separate Transportation for the girls. Increase in educational funds for the rural areas. Organizations should be made in rural areas to empower girls and teach them to fight for their rights. Let’s conclude; Woman plays an important role in the society and education is her basic right. There is an African proverb; If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman you educate a nation”. So, educate your girls to educate the nation!



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