Niazi Sarkar should listen, fascism era is nearing to its doom: PPP


ISLAMABAD:    PPP has said that issuing arrest warrants of Asif Ali Zardari and arresting PPP workers are the mean tactics of rulers.

“ Niazi sarkar should listen fascism era is nearing to its DOOM .. We will send anti people government to home with the power of people. NAB should refrain from serving as sub wing of PTI. We will not be deterred in any way”, this was said by PPP leaders in separate statements here Thursday.

Nayyar Bokhari said Zardari appears in the court despite his ailment. Issuing arrest warrants before PDM public meeting bears witness how enormous the government is confused. Party has just started and the narrow minded people have descended on mean tactics.

Why NAB stands paralysed before the atta, sugar mafia. Why the assets accumulated by the rulers beyond their known sources of income are not coming in the sight of NAB. Who is impeding the proceedings on the scandals of Helicopter, Malam Jabba billion tree and TP.

Senator Sassui Palejo said issuing arrest warrants of Asif Ali Zardari is but a NAB gardi. Former president Asif Zardari has been appearing in the court despite being advised by the doctors contrary to it.

Issuing arrest warrants of Asif Ali Zardari is beyond comprehension, she added.

Dr Mehrin Bhutto said Zardari has appeared in the court on every hearing regularly despite corona virus epidemic;. The whole nation knows Zardari is admitted into hospital being sick. PPP has always respected judiciary and its decisions. Issuing arrest warrants of former president is only a political vengeance. The fear of NAB and government is clearly visible. PPP leadership and its workers cannot be deterred by arrests.


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