Nature lovers


Farman Ali Shahani
City life is said to be good but life in village is benediction. The life in city might have many facilities like hospitals , schools , electricity, infrastruture but these all things can never earn us the peace of mind bestowed by nature. Life is the name of cyclic change as stated by greatest social scientist vilfredo pareto. He says that things get change with the passage of time. This change has been witnesed in people as they are rushing back to nature . The creation of naturist villages in south frans, st. Albans, farm houses , need of open houses is clear love for life full of nature. On other hand, life in city is fake , bogus full of tensions , double-dealing people and hypocrites. The artificial things around us could please us for time being but in long term they will harm us at greater level. Today , we witness that most of the facilities walloed by dwellers of city are also enjoyed at village. The introduction of modern villages have paved the way to attract the masses to come back to village life which is said to be more disciplined than the people of city. One day , we all have to adopt the life style prescribed by nature. Why not now. Lets promote life and life without nature can not be imagined .


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