Million Muslim Vote” will be an opportunity to remove Trump from the White House


Mohammed Khaku
In less than three-week Muslims have the chance to remove Trump from the White House. The Muslim vote will be the deciding factor especially in the key battle ground states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The one of most consequenial election is in full swing with a president who is corrupt, racist, tax-dodging, and virus-enabler. He is commander-in-chief to the worst of the millions who follow and empower him. The lines are drawn in the sand with Trumps seeks to “Make America Great” while Biden seeks to “Restore the Soul of the Nation”. Neither America is Great, nor America has a soul. How can America be great when million are homeless, millions unemployed, and millions have no medical insurance. How can Biden-Harris team restore the soul of the Nation which has history of slavery, genocide of native Indians, using nuclear bombs, chemical weapons and drowns to kill millions of civilians.  Tempers and hatred are high on both sides, those who back President Trump and those who embrace Joe Biden. The differences between Republican and Democrats run deep. We are divided as a country because of the poisonous venom coming from the White House. There is no reason to hate one another. Friendships have been lost. Family members have been ostracized. The fact that my political views or my race and religion don’t align exactly with yours and just because I like plain cheese pizza and you like pepperoni pizza, should not stop us from being friends. We can agree to disagree. A recent poll indicates that Biden lead with single digit and Trump support has been eroded, so no wonder he is looking for help from Russia and undermining the voting apparatus. The Republicans are anti-immigrants and have always created obstacles making it difficult for people of color to vote. The Trump’s new strategy is to file lawsuit against the State to make mail in ballots or drop boxes void. This is causing confusing and will make it harder for people of color to vote. Donald Trump is so unstable due to corvid, and perhaps that if he loses, he will be investigated, prosecuted, and incarcerated. Hence, he will not accept defeat by claiming voter fraud.  Muslims are not thrilled with the Biden-Harris team, but it is a better alternative than what we have. The reaction in the Muslim community ranges from excitement to dissatisfaction. I expect majority of eligible Muslim voters will vote for Biden-Harris ticket and Emgage the largest Muslim political organization has a “Million Muslim Vote” campaign at where you can register, pledge to vote and become volunteer.  However, after Obama’s win many Muslims were disappointed and were asking questions what will be Muslim agenda after Biden win? And what will be the policies of Biden-Harris team towards Muslims?  Muslims needs to unite regardless of our ethnicity to establish the agenda/platform. And when time comes to write policies on criminal justice, health care, immigration, environment we need to be at the table and “not on the menu”. The failure of Muslims during Obama era was that Muslim never tabled the Muslim agenda and I think Muslims will do the same mistake with Biden-Harris team. I believe that Muslims are going to complain as we did with Obama, but also protect the administration just as we did with Obama administration.   I, you, we–all us–have a duty to participate, educate and engage Muslims, regarding the significance of registering and how to vote by mail or in person safely during this pandemic.  Our vote counts and can decide this election. The common goal for all Muslims is to defeat Donald Trump.  Muslims must vote for Biden or Trump will destroy every fiber of The Constitution and create an authoritarian government like the Bedouin kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  I have had many conversations with Muslims It seems there is little excitement, and many are not inclined to vote. I advise them that we must participate to vote Democrat. We must vote against the Republicans. If we fail to vote, it means you are supporting Trump and the Republicans. That is why we must vote early to flatten the curve and be safe.


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