The wave of artificial intelligence and the crises for unconscious societies..!!


Raza Ali Sanjrani
From the beginning human being facing many difficulties for the luxury life. Physically he has achieved 90 percentage better life style because of revolution in technology but this is not true for the whole world. In this world some countries until deprived from the inspiring life style in the physical and as well as in mentally world. Now due to the recent fast revolution in the experimental science everything became easy to operate due to this human has got success at the various phenomenas of life. If we compare the past and present of human being so we can easily observe that as compare to past in present life of human has better potential. Now due to the revolution in the robotics engineering human doing rest at his home because at the place of him artificial intelligence is working now in many countries many industries are being operating under the action of artificial intelligence instead of human intelligence. This phenomena is very energetic for the advance life style for humans because now human no need to do any effort for the doing any work but this is not true because this revolution is not constant for all. This revolution is harmful for those areas where human has no any option to earn money without working in industries. If we analyze deeply that we can easily observe that we are also example of these type of societies so we can easily observe that in our society many peoples works day and night to earn the money. Without working in industries they can’t spend life because they are unknown from artificial intelligence. Now experts in some countries are very bothered on this question that If artificial intelligence will come at the place of these all then where they will go?. The result of this will be more dangerous for those societies which are example of grave. In this situation many jobless conditions will rise rapidly and again social, economics and in every side a lot of crises will take position in societies and at that time human can’t do anything this is red alert particularly for the societies like us. This revolution in artificial intelligence will be more beneficial for those societies which have the great grip in science and technology. Once when I was reading the book “The 21st lessons of 21st century” which is written by “Yuval Noah Harari” he wrote very anxious paragraph in this book which is titled as “If you grow might you have not job”. Yuval Noah Harari explained this phenomena in very simple languages on the basis of his own clear observation. He has also gave alert to humans as saw the artificial intelligence phenomena in various countries. He clearly said that in the future human being will face many crises because at the place of him artificial intelligence will work. So observing this phenomena he gave his assumption that in the future many humans will become jobless. So question arises here that then what will they do?. If average humans of world will become jobless so many crises in different departments will take place and this world order can destroy the world. This destruction will not constant for the whole world but this will leave great influence on uneducated and unconscious societies. Societies which are deprived from the knowledge in experimental science and social science these societies will rapidly destroy. This revolution will give fresh atmosphere to those countries which are expert in every subject, then artificial intelligence will give great rest to those peoples which belongs to corresponding countries of artificial intelligence. Now it’s necessary for those societies which are deprived from the capability to create energetic ideas for the development in artificial intelligence and in other phenomenas also that these societies should give great focus to improve itself in experimental science and social science. Then these societies can handle itself otherwise these particular societies will lose their lives in this storm soon.




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