Social Media addiction


M Jazib Soomro

In the present era of social interaction, one can escape anything but social media. It is the same as an intoxication of any life risk  drug. As we all are well aware of the trend that the craze of social media has increased at an alarming level. The number of its users is built up, mounted and spread rapidly day by day. People of all ages are often found engrossed and spend their most of the time using social media. It will be pertinent to write that social media has become an integral part of our lives.  Media is said to be the fourth pillar of state.The access in its usage  has spoiled the careers of many young people.  Some people spend a lot of  time using these sites e_g chatting up with their friends , updating their status, using apps like facebook, twitter, instagram, tik tok and so on. Social media sites are also used by children below the age of 13 which may be harmful in case they open any site restricted for children below 18.  According to the survey it is reported that 70% parents report that their children have created Facebook, twitter, tik tok accounts before 13 years and 80% think that is acceptable to violate the minimum age restriction policy of social networking sites. But I am not talking about whether the social media is good or bad, My question is why is the youth, new generation wasting their time and energy.

(-The writer is columnist, Larkana.)



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