Russia in first line

Safeer Hussain Mahoto
Soon after independence in 1947, India made friendship with Russia and Pakistan was with America. The reason for Pakistan’s tremendous Growth in 1950-60 was America. In every war Russia became the opponent of Pakistan, the reason behind is past bad relationship. Means declined the soviet invitation, whether it was 1971 war, creation of Bangladesh, war of Afghan and the case of Kashmir. Mr. Zulfqar bhutto was a social temperament bhutto visited ‘soviet union’ twice during his tenure and the ‘soviet union’ agreed to build a steel mill in Pakistan. Relations with Pakistan improved only after when Russia granted each other the most favoured nation status and signed a number of trade and economic co-operation agreements. After Kosygin’s visit to Pakistan in 1969, ‘Mikhail Frakov’ was the first Russian Prime minister to visit Pakistan on (April 13, 2020). Now Pakistan started moving towards Russia, also Russia began to look at Pakistan with great respect instead of fighting Pakistan according Pakistan’s role in Afghan war. Russia has showed clear signs of improving relations with Pakistan based on trust and mutual co-operation. Russian PM has showed interest in CPEC but also plan to link it with its own EEU (Eurasian Economic Union) project with CPEC. It seems as China, Pak and Russia will govern in world. Because China is highly strong in economic as well as technology. About the huge amount of debt that the U.S government owes chinese lenders. Chinese do own a lot of U.S debt-about (1.1$ trillion) as of early 2020. Whether Russia is in a position to target America whereever but America is not able to target Russia whereever. CPEC is mainline of these coutries. This new era of co-operation between the countries and to have a deep impact on the region.

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