Culprit Caught

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Zahoor Abbas

Prime accused Abid Ali arrested from Faisalabad, now we want a speedy trial and justice delivered. State authorities must ensure the safe and sound prosecution of Abid Ali. If he’s proven guilty in court, we want him to be executed as per state law. There should be no miscarriage of justice, especially a custodial, extra judicial killing. Exactly a month ago, Punjab government released the pictures to two possible suspects of Lahore motorway incident causing national outrage. It was 11th September.Today is 11th October, one month gone and prime suspect Abid Ali is caught. The question is, will they punish him quickly like in Zeinab’s case or delve deeper in finding who’s behind all this? Even more important question, will they make it Public hanging or castration? Prime Minister Imran noted that the primary suspect in the motorway rape, Abid Ali, was previously involved in a gang-rape in 2013 as well. “We need fresh legislation to permanently sterilise such criminals,” he said. High hopes in quick justice.

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