70 With China’s help


Saqib Bhatt
Jammu and kashmir Poltical party national conference's former chief minister of jammu and Kashmir and present member of parliament of india Farooq abdullah ,said that Article 370 of the Constitution would be restored in the Kashmir Valley with China's help. Abdullah made the remarks during a television interview an further Farooq said the present situation on LAC between india and china is reflection of abrogation of article 370 of jammu and kashmir. In 1954article 370 was inserted in indian constitution when jammu and kashmir was independent state for reasons and the situation of times by
the ruler of jammu and kashmir and indian prime minister Nehru.Article 370 was a kind of autonomy to jammu and Kashmir with separate laws ,rights ,flag,etc.In other words jammu and kashmir has own constitution.In 2019 augst that article 370 abrogation by indian parliament was a sudden betrayal to people of jammu and kashmir. People of jammu and kashmir are gossiping about 370 from each and every corner with reference to LAC tension between india and china. On 12 October Farooq abdullah said the tension between China and india is due to kashmir and seeks help from china may made a clear
thought, that the cause is similar people thought.some perceptions as per the Farooq Abdullah's interview are lite to understand, are the Chinese goverment actually want to restoration of article 370 ,it is hard to determine the fact but seeking help from china by the parliament member of india during the hard times of foreign ministry, it has been months to resolve the LAC issue between china and india and every attempt by foreign ministry and military talks are not satisfactory .Farooq abdullah may created a
new excuse to china intentionally or unintentionally but consequence will be grounded soon ,Farooq has showered spell in fire as per the situation between india and china . Is that true Chinese PLA aggression on LAC is because of jammu kashmir and because of revocation of article 370 . Parliment member of indian parliment asks for help to China, what will be the reaction of china to india . Will china raise the issue, will china taunt india for such gestures made by Farooq Abdullah ,what will be impact on LAC

(The Author is management student /social activist/freelance columnist.)


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