Pakistani politics


Imtiaz Ali Brohi

Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi may have jeopardized otherwise cordial relation with Saudi Arabia with his unusual ultimatum to Riyadh demanding an extraordinary meeting of the organization of Islamic conference on Kashmir Qureshi threatened that if the Saudi led OIC field to summon a meeting , Pakistan would be ready to for a session outside organization of Islamic conference, Saudi Arabia is lso a signifi ant employer of expatriate Pakistani labor and a major source of remittances some Pakistani leaders blame the Saudis for promoting radical Islamism in the country through their funding of mosques and madrassas More recently burgeoning Saudi economic with India have irked Pakistanis who see world affairs as a zero sum game between India and Pakistan. Pakistan seems to be having difficulty with understanding some fundamental realities of international relation, The traditional bond between the two countries led current Saudi Minister of state for foreign affairs Adel al jubeir to remark in 2007.


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