Enhance Online Education system by Science and Technology

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Engr Waqar Badar Kandhro
COVID19 outbreak had engulfed from China and then smeared to every corner of the world. As the world at the global level had been disrupted from this COVID due to invisible and fast-spreading virus. There were positive and negative impacts of lockdown on people. Looking at positive impacts, everyone had ample time in their hands to utilize that with their children, family, reading books and entertainment. On the negetive side ,this had totally blocked the world owing to economic development, Educational life, social life. People have got cognitive issues while staying at home and limited their social life, along that education is also disrupted. A ample number of developed countries had started taking online classes of students at home due to their vast experience and high experties in science technology and no electricity and internet hurdles. likewise, Pakistan had also decided to take Online classes of universities from 1st June 2020 owing to the Higher Education Commission decision. Some beacon schools and universities have started their online classes before 1st June. It is to be mentioned that HEC and other policymaker institutions wanted to continue the flow the educational activities amid COVID 19 and lockdown scenario though if we see on another side of the coin there we got ample no of deficits and disadvantages of taking online classes. In Pakistan, the electricity and internet facilities are demolished in remote and rural areas of Pakistan as there are no proper signals no network connections and no electricity to charge electronic appliances and another reason is all fingers are not equal means all students are not financially well established to bear the hardcore expensive android Phones, laptops and other electronic appliances owing to online classes. Teachers were just delivering their lectures via zoom and Microsoft Teams app taking 5 to 6 classes per day as schedule. This has saved the time and money for not commuting long distances. Meanwhile now as the graph of reported positive Covid cases are declined, educational institutions are opened on SOP’s, the schools which fail to follow SOP’s have been closed by government. A number of samples are tested for coronavirus. The schools in which any Covid positive case is reported that school is closed. An ample of schools collages and universities are being closed for reported positive cases of coronavirus throughout the country. Meanwhile the experience we got from the Covid 19 regarding our education system remained moderate and can be enhanced by the use of science and technology. If we ensure proper internet connection in rural areas and proper electricity. The laptops and Androids to be provided to every student, the education can reach to every corner of country through online though there are some negetive effects of online education, but the students living in far areas having difficulty in commuting long distances can easily get Education through online.

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