Taliban consider the ceasefire their political defeat: Afghan VP


KABUL: (Raja Furqan Ahmed) Afghanistan First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Monday said that the Taliban consider the ceasefire a political defeat, believing they make people thirsty for the grave-kind of peace like the one in the 90s by incalculable killings. According to Saleh, the defeat of the Taliban is inevitable because it is not possible to impose their method by force on people and the pluralistic society of Afghanistan, nor do the Taliban have a political agenda the people can rely on. The main reason for the increase in the Taliban’s “absurd and bloody” attacks on Afghan people is the group’s fear and ignorance of political developments, he said. Saleh exclaimed the Taliban have underestimated the national will of the people; launched many attacks with a misconception of the peace process. He added that in many parts of the country, where violence has increased, the Taliban faced resistance by locals. Therefore, the Taliban will not reap any strategic or political benefits from the bloodshed; because violence as a political tool is hated and rejected. Unfortunately, we will experience another phase of the crisis to break this mentality that is based on murder, he further said. According to Saleh, the Taliban’s claim is unattractive and all their attention and investment is to keep the society in darkness and ignorance so they can secure their proxy rule.


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