Martyrdom of Dr. Adil Khan a question mark on incumbent government: Abdullah Gul



Rawalpindi:   (Parliament Times)  The martyrdom of Maulana Dr. Adil Khan is a question mark for the government of the day. Mohammad Abdullah Hameed Gul expressed his views during a meeting with Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Liaquat Baloch. Meanwhile, referring to the martyrdom of Maulana Dr Adil Khan said that the country is being driven towards sectarianism under an organized conspiracy during Muharram. The main accused was sent out of the country.

A series of Azmat-e-Sahaba conferences across the country, led by Maulana Dr Adil Khan. He is martyred in broad daylight in Karachi. He said that if the Sindh government failed to arrest the killers, protests would be staged across the country.

Talking about inflation, Mohammad Abdullah Gul said that the storm of inflation is over and the government will try to control it through Tiger force instead of the administration. It seems that the administrative institutions are beyond the reach of the government.

Gul said that the names of the people involved in stockpiling have been revealed in the sugar inquiry but so far the government has not been able to take any action against them.


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