Amanabad Higher Secondary School closed since a decade


By GR Junejo

Hyderabad: The students of Union Council Amanabad, Taluka Matli, District Badin, started a 24-hour hunger strike on Monday in front of Hyderabad Press Club for opening of Government Higher Secondary School Amanabad, which is closed since the last ten years due to non-availability of teaching staff.

The hunger strike is being observed under the banner of Students’ Action Committee Amanabad.

The hunger strikers said that around 350 students are enrolled at the school but remains closed for a decade as no teaching staff has been appointed in the absence of SNE approval.

The agitating students said that the school building was constructed at a cost of Rs.40 million but despite several requests to the concerned authorities, no teacher has been appointed.

Latif Jarwar, Zafar Jarwar, Umer Jarwar, Rashid Jarwar, Sahil Sikandar, Aman Jarwar, Ali Imran, Ghulam Shabbir, Asif Hameed Jarwar, Zakir and other students said their hunger strike will continue till Tuesday noon.

They urged the government to save the future of scores of students and appoint teachers, as education is their basic right under the International conventions and the constitution of the country.



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