Poverty and education


Zile Huma
Poverty is a social problem that mostly school-going children in Pakistan are falling victim to. The price that poverty-driven children belonging to middle and lower-middle classes in Pakistan have to pay is unbelievably high and unaffordable. Poor had already been suffering Inflation and high poverty rate since long. But, Covid-19 has increasingly added fuel to fire. Illiteracy rate in Pakistan is also at peak. But neither Federal nor Provincial Government takes effective measures to cope with it. Pakistan has high young children drop-out rate because their parents find it almost impossible to meet the ever-growing expenses of school education. Although Constitution of pakistan 1973, according to article 25A, tells that State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years. But yet more than millions children are out of school. It is mostly because of high inflation, poverty and expensive school items.  Education furnishes an individual, as well as the nation, with the jewels of awareness and social excellence. Unfortunately, in our country both public and private education sectors, in one way or the other, have not been able to fulfil the fundamental needs of the masses on an equality basis. The nation and individuals both have suffered.  Covid-19, inflation and poor governence are main reason behind high poverty in country. According to  a research, high number of people fell victim to poverty amid covid-19. As a consequence, People have abandoned their children to go school. Thus Government should pay heed to increasing problems; Inflation, poverty, illiteracy. There should be free and accessible education to all.



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