Food and water security in Pakistan


Safeer Hussain Mahoto
Pakistan is one of the world’s largest producers of wheat, rice, livestock and a number of their agricultural products. It is a food surplus country with stable food availability. Food security is poor, however as access to food is limited by poverty and high levels of inflation. As a result Pakistan has alarmingly high rates of malnutrition, particularly among women and children.In Pakistan first time “State bank of Pakistan” has included a new chapter of “food security” in economy report (march 2019). SBP has enlightened that the people of Pakistan are getting the whole repast or not. SBP has showed numbers that’s very dangerous. In Pakistan 65% people are getting their full repast. However 35% peoples are not getting full repast, that means every 4th people are not eating full food. As a result these peoples are not in a position to do their full work. In such a case if not if labour force don’t take full food, then they will get sick after it government will spend on some and its own on other. The overall impact on our GDP( Gross Domestic Product) is”7.6 B$”. We have only recieved “6 B$” from IMF(International Monetary Fund). In one year we loss 7.6B$ Because our people cannot work fully. Nearly half of the children living in Pakistan experience stunted growth and most of them suffer from micronutrient deficiencies. In world wide (Production of agriculture products), Pakistan ranks seventh in wheat production, fourth in cotton, sixth in sugar, thirteenth in rice and twelfth in maize production, that means as many Pakistan has need so many Pakistan has produced then again government is not providing full needy food. The leadership with which Pakistan is to come is also a victim of weakness. Pakistan’s water security is also under considerable pressure. Much of the water sources has been over-explotied, Due to increasing population, a large number of agricultural practices and poor management. Climate change is also predicted to put pressure on water supplies. Water borne illnesses are common and has became a leading cause of death.


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