Year 2020 Dedicated To Coronavirus

Baby kanwal Laghari
Coronavirus a spreading disease it spread through air inters in our body and corrupt our body system. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a virus like a computer virus a computer virus which inters in computer and corrupt the system of computer. Taking About the disease covid19 and it’s challenges make us speech less the strange situation and full of challenges a disease a virus fells like we are very much close to death it fells like it has challenges all the science and scientist every power of person seems useless. A word before covid19 was on the peak of development new discoveries new inventions make us so proud surprised day by day those discoveries and inventions augmentation in our attitude. we started to think that man can make and destroy every think the world has made an Elysium by man and this think filled attitude in us we have forgotten that we have been elected by elector there is some one else who has elected us whom has a real power to make us destroy us and this covid19 make us remember that we are nothing only he who gave us soul who gifted us power and it was our Atticism that we have power we have discovered invented we can not until he do not wish to happen. The things the movement the felling the fear of being finished of world, the transport business export import every thing has been stopped the rich countries manage to survive the country like Pakistan who only depends on the regular income facing difficulty of poverty now there were two different challenges to face poverty and covid19 now government has to manage both of them the taxes are being distributed in both sides the half goes to poverty to those whose income has been stunt and other one in covid19 because both were the parts from whom people can die. If we do not manage the poverty the people will die from it and if we do not spend on coronavirus the virus will take our beloved away from us, Rather this it has placid several families not in our country only but all over the world. It has took away great people from us the doctors great personalities it has made the innocent child orphan, situation that has disturbed all human kind it was situation not only a poor person seems to be helpless but every single person is fighting with this situation. It has effected the education also the education system is already week in our country rather the closing of institutes has effected more the higher education system has managed in online classes the students who are in elementary classes has the great loss in online classes there was also a problem of expensive unaffordable internet packages which make great effect on students study. And if students manage in their packages their was also a network problem faced by every student and teacher. Covid19 has changed the routine lockdown made every person lives very limited where at the first hand covid19 is such a big challenge on the other hand the safety is also much important, in this situation there is a great need of unity which did not happened at all. At this difficult movement where people did not manage their poverty the increasing rate of masks made us more suffer from situation where in normal days the per mask was in ten or fifteen rupees in covid19 it was above thousand. So in that situation a person who do not even manage the food of their child how can they protect them selves from spreading virus. Now it was the duty of the government to make such a strict rules against who are taking benefits from situation and give relief to poor people in each side in food in safety. And government should make rule’s for the education system and give students scholarship that they manage their packages give them relief in internet so they can easily learn through online classes.

(.-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Larkana.)

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