Words and emotions


Shabbir Ahmed Bezanjo
In every regard of life watch your words before you speak them because these are the words what affects your emotions,curiosities, beliefs and effectiveness. In the other words, if your these words are being used in such an articulate way, so you will be programming your best. Because your best is in your words, neither on luck nor the people surrounding you. Though, people find their best in your attitude and words, meanswhile; you do your level best and, so do they by concentrating over you. However, your words and emotions build your future, and your perception of thinking strengthens your words___just as the words grasp active emotions, and these active emotions would grasp a well-built future for you. In the other hand, you must imagine everyone using good words,being inspired by your conversation-words and have love to talk with you. But do remember, if your words hurt or heal the people, so they never forget this…Now, it’s up on you to try your best to heal the people not hurt because the process of hurting or healing reacts,might on you or on coming generation, but it will. Considering about the conclusion of your words before using, i say, it’s a terrific strategy to live life. The wheels of life, are your words,emotions, curiosities, attitude and acts. If you are prospersed with all of these, so the every life on the universe, is yours.

(-The writer is freelance columnist, based in Lasbela.)


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