Women must play their role in saving future of younger generation: Speakers

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Islamabad:    (Parliament Times)  A special seminar on “Role of Women in Prevention of Heart Diseases” was organized by Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH). Among the special guests were Federal Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul, Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr Noshin Hamid, Chairperson National Commission for Child Rights Afshan Tehseen Bajwa,Senator Rubina Khalid,Senator Samina Saeed, , MPA Farah Agha, MPA Shahida Malik, Pulmonologist Dr. Wajd Ali, Deputy Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Ayesha Syed,Information Sec Kudsia Mudasser, Senior Vice President Minhaj-ul-Quran Razia Naveed,Minhaj welfare Director Naheed Mazhar, civil society and a large number of journalists attended. Major General (retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani, President Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), Sanaullah Ghumman, General Secretary and senior members hosted the event.
The seminar started with the recitation from the Holy Quran.Federal Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said that Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) has been carrying out the duty of educating the general public for the last 36 years for the prevention of heart diseases, the aim of which is to protect the citizens from heart disease. This is the reason for becoming an Panah ambassador. The growing trend of smoking and sugary drinks among girls and young girls is worrying. We have to stop using these unnecessary items. October is celebrated all over the world as a cancer awareness campaign. Basically the use of sugary drinks increases the risk of cancer by 18% and heart attack by 42%. Our government is trying to reduce our import bill, whatever comes to our country is halal, increase the export bill, which the government is working on. Yes, you make suggestions on legislation, we will help you to implement it, we are with Panah wherever they seek refuge for awareness.
Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr. Noshin Hamid said that women have to play an important role in health issues. Panah efforts in raising awareness about heart diseases are commendable. WHO is working hard to prevent Heart diseases and health. Salt should be used less with sweets. We need to reduce the use of fats to prevent heart disease, they are being legislated all over the world, we also have to think about it, smoking is an industry that kills 160,000 people every year and creates new customers at the same rate. In Pakistan, where 1,200 children and young people start smoking daily, one day I visited Pulmonologist Ward in PIMS, where 90% of the patients were smokers. Girls who are addicted to smoking during college, still smoke after marriage, as a result. Their marriages are breaking up, we need to focus on the things that help to get rid of the disease.
Senator Rubina Khalid, said that the young generation must take a positive direction. In Parliament, we will stand with the goal of Panah. This is a war to save the future of our children. We must all build a soft crack platform, where a voice can be raised against negative attitudes, in which the media plays a key role, , take the message of heart disease and Panah from door to door.
Chairperson of National Commission for Child Rights Afshan Tehseen Bajwa said that it is very important to educate women in building a healthy society. There are 109 laws in Pakistan, important implementation then legislation. Yes, we have to think about it. More than half of Pakistan’s population is young. Children have to be trained at an early age. Lack of training cannot make up for the lack of education. We value education but neglect training. We have to focus on training children. To create a better society, don’t adopt smoking as your lifestyle.
MNA Kanwal Shahzeb said that heart is the control room of human body, which should be protected,Deputy Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Ayesha Syedne said that the young generation is our future, they must be saved, smoking and sugary drinks must be eradicated from life.Senior Vice President of Minhaj-ul-Quran Razia Naveed said that Pakistan is our home, even if the country is healthy, we will be able to develop. MPA Farah Agha said that the most positive role can be played by women.
Panah President Major General (retd) Masood-ur-Rehman Kayani said it was sad to say that today’s priorities have changed, natural foods have been replaced by unhealthy items, Frequent use of tobacco, sweets and fats can lead to premature death.
Pulmonologist Dr. Wajd Ali said that Today, the seminar is very important to save the health of the young generation..40million people on Pakistan smoked,1200 school children start smoking every day in Pakistan, Legislation to prevent heart disease is not impossible without the cooperation of the esteemed members of Parliament ,Everyone’s efforts, including Panah, will only work if you all become our voices.
Sanaullah Ghumman, General Secretary of Panah, said that life is impossible without heart. According to modern research, every minute and a half a person in Pakistan loses his life due to heart attack. Sugar drinks increase the risk of heart attack by 42% and cancer by 18%,Asylum seekers, Prime Minister Imran Khan and the federal cabinet approved Health Levy Bill in 2019 that raises prices of a pack of 20 Cigarettes by rupees 10 and of every 250 ml of sweetened drinks by rupees 1 , but to date it has not been implemented, Women must play their full role in saving the future of the younger generation.
If an effective policy to prevent unhealthy products is not formulated, a sick society will flourish, the federal ministers said, adding that fulfilling the basic rights of the people is the responsibility of the government, which is doing its best. Resolved on a grassroots basis, it is being implemented to a large extent, we are hopeful that the government will soon be able to achieve its goals.
At the end of the ceremony, honorary shields were presented to the distinguished guests.

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