Mixed experience of the Covid 19


Mir Muhammad Nayyar Azam

The humanity has confronted with a unique experience in the shape of COVID 19 pandemic which has had variegated effects upon every sphere of life causing a great horror every where on the globe.The invisible monster appearing from the Wuhan in China towards the end of 2019 swept over the whole world like a typhoon shaking every individual and societies .The developed countries rather the Superpowers of the world seemed writhing under its onslaught. The world economies were shattered beyond any sign of their revival for many years to come. The lockdown , the only protective measure the world over , has no doubt helped to contain its rapid spread but at the same time caused the enormous workforce to loose their jobs and the results are evident. The employment chances for skilled and unskilled workers have been squeezed totally aggravating the already complicated problem of unemployment everything in the world As a natural consequence the production of various goods and services steeped down ringing the bells of abject poverty and scarcity of essentials. The results there of are there to experience by every one . Like all other calamities the pandemic has shaken the foundations of education sector to the hilt.All educational institutions from schools to universities were closed down all and sundry. We were cut off from our teachers and classmates and deprived of the benefits of interaction as in the case of physical classes wherein more beneficial is the company of teachers and colleagues than the bookish knowledge itself. This is the greatest loss suffered by student community which is sure to tell upon their performance in future .The online classes suggested as a remedial measure cannot prove a viable alternative for the traditional classes . However the authorities at the helm of affairs deserve our gratitude an applause for the care they have shown for the student community by devising such possible remedy of this disaster. The normal movement of the people has come to naught , caging the people inside their houses cut- off from their relations apprehensive of catching the disease in case of any contact .This has snatched away the emotional satisfaction caused by the visit of near and dear ones . It is a sociological principal that every calamity throwing out new experiences, speeds up the pace of adapting to the new situations thus affecting desirable behavioural Changes. Every individual has learnt the benefits of cleanliness and sanitization and personal protective measures. It has developed a close contact between the family members who otherwise remained disconnected from each other because of remaining busy in their respective jobs. The personal and continual contact with the elder ones has no doubt sensitised the younger folk of their problems and the ways of assistance they can render them to cope up their age related problems. This is a very positive aspect of the aftermaths of this fatal experience. It has also developed our interest with indoor games and various art forms like music , book reading , painting , writing and gardening etc. As we have found enough time to busy ourselves with them relieving us of the pain of monotony _ a common situation faced by everyone young and old. The media is all the time abuzz with the latest position about the pandemic giving the minutest details of the death and destruction caused by it and the remedial measures taken by the administration at all levels. We cant but say that this frequent and unending repetition of the colossal damage caused by this epidemic has become horrendous and a cause of recurrent anxiety . There is nothing new and informative in our news bulletins and we can predict in advance what the contents are going to be . We should pray that the measures taken by the government prove fruitful and the country is rid from its devastative effect so that everybody heaves a sigh of relief and the life comes back on the rails which has been derailed wholesale.


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