FIR against AJK PM evokes strong condemnation from legislators on both sides of the aisle


Muzaffarabad,(Parliament Times) : Treason case registered against AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan evoked a strong reaction as parliamentarians from both sides of aisle while expressing their serious concerns said that it was reprehensible to call the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir as a traitor and registering an FIR against him.

Addressing a meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Chaudhry Tariq Farooq said that the FIR against Quaid-e-Awan Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan was a matter of concern for all Kashmiris. A resolution he said has been submitted on this issue and any decision would be taken after holding threadbare discussions on it in the Assembly. He, however, said, “We will not allow our relationship with the government of Pakistan to end because of a single individual”.

Regarding the controversial remarks made against Kashmiris he said, “If government spokesmen say such things, suspicions will increase”. Terming the PM as the representative of the people of the state he said, “Registering a frivolous case against the Prime Minister is worrisome. He is the representative of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir”.

Leader of the Opposition, Ch. Muhammad Yasin, said, “The elements involved in such kind of activities are actually the ones whose own patriotism is doubtful”. The opposition leader said that all heads of government are treated with respect. “For the first time, the prime minister of the state has been called a traitor”, he said adding that it was not just a matter of the person of Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider but a matter of the office of the Prime Minister.

Speaking on the occasion Member Assembly Naseema Wani has said that it was quite disgusting to call the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir a traitor and register an FIR.

Member Assembly Hassan Ibrahim said that administrative decisions were taken under the Karachi Agreement but if it needs to be amended, it should be looked into. About Gilgit Baltistan he said the GB province could not be formed due to this agreement.

Food Minister Syed Shaukat Ali Shah said that since the creation of Pakistan, the word “traitor” has weakened Pakistan. Member Assembly Abdul Rashid Turabi said that the strong and stable Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the guarantor of Tehreek-e-Azadi Kashmir. Today, we are concerned about the conspiracies being hatched against Pakistan.


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