AJK IRD achieves record Rs. 1.570 billion surplus revenue during first quarter of ongoing fiscal year: Commissioner


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK):   (Parliament Times)   AJK Inland Revenue Dept. has achieved stipulated Rs. 1.570 billion surplus-volumes’ levies target of first quarter of ongoing 2020-21 fiscal year, it was officially said.

The State-run Inland Revenue Department of Azad Jammu & Kashmir continued its streak of outstanding performance in realisation of the levies at the closure of the first quarter (July- Sept-2020) of the ongoing 2020-21 fiscal year of financial year successfully achieving the stipulated income tax target at the closure of first quarter of the year surpassing the proportionate target with significant ascend of Rs. 1.570 billion, disclosed Sardar Zafar Mahmud Khan, Commissioner Inland Revenue, AJ&K.

Talking to this Correspondent here on Tuesday, he said that since the Inland Revenue Department of AJ&K stands as the leading revenue collecting arm of the State, has continued the streak of outstanding performance in the Financial Year 2020-21 and has successfully achieved rather surpassed the assigned income tax target during the first quarter of running fiscal year.

“The figures reveal that proportionate income tax target for the period July, 2020 to September, 2020 was Rs.3.090 billion, against which the Department has achieved revenue of Rs.4.660 billion with remarkable rise of Rs.1.570 billion, which itself is an ample proof of outstanding performance of Inland Revenue functionaries”, the Commissioner said.

Sardar Zafar Mahmud Khan, who heads the State Inland Revenue Department of AJK, underlined that outstanding departmental performance was also evident from the fact that during first quarter (July, 2019 to September, 2019) of previous financial year 2019-2020, income tax collection was at Rs.3.868 billion, whereas for the parallel period in current financial year, income tax collection stands at Rs.4.660 billion with 20% increase, which is the sole outcome of passionate efforts and hard work of entire departmental team.

The Commissioner Inland Revenue Dept. while reviewing the departmental performance also voiced that the credit for outstanding departmental performance not only goes to the efforts of departmental team rather the esteemed cooperation and constant guidance extended by the Minister Inland Revenue Sardar Farooq Tahir and Secretary Inland Revenue Dept. AJK Government Farhat Ali Mir who played pivotal role in successful achievement of income tax target for the respective period.

Zaffar further avowed that the Inland Revenue Department was fully determined for successful achievement of assigned income tax target and for this purpose, effective action plans and strategies for extracting maximum revenue in the remaining part of year have also been devised and the Inland Revenue Department will continue to impart significant share in strengthening State economy in future too, he added.


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