Muzaffargarh court official throws acid at man, daughter: police


MUZAFFARGARH:    A court official identified as Bashir Ahmed, threw acid at a man and his daughter in Muzaffargarh’s Shaher Sultan, said the police on Monday.
According to media reports the victim identified as Munir Ahmed said that the incident took place on Sunday at 2pm. “I was standing at the gate of my house when a court official came to me and asked me for directions,” he stated.
“I told him that the house was right opposite ours. They knocked on the house’s door but the lady who came out started screaming and an argument started between him [Bashir] and the woman.”
The FIR stated that during the chaos, other men came and strangled the victim saying that they will burn his eyes with acid. “My wife and daughter came in the middle, right before the men could attack me,” it added.
During the attack, Munir received minor injuries. His 16-year-old daughter, however, suffered severe burns. They have been shifted to the rural health centre.
Munir said that he has been fighting a case in the court over a dispute for not giving way and suspects that the perpetrators were linked to the opposing party in the case.
The police have registered an FIR under Section 336B (punishment for hurt by corrosive substance) of the Pakistan Penal Code.
Special teams have also been formed for investigations and raids are being conducted to arrest the perpetrators.


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