Shah Abdul latif Bhittai

Farhana Kaleem channa
Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai was born in 1689 in Hala Haveli’s village Sui-Qandar located near Hyderabad, Pakistan. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai was son of Syed Habibullah and grandson of Syed Abdul Quddus Shah. Latif got his early education in the school (maktab) of Akhund Noor Muhammad in basic Persian (the government language at that time) and Sindhi (local spoken language). He also learned the Qur’an. His correspondence in Persian with contemporary scholar Makhdoom Moinuddin Thattvi, as contained in the Risala-i-Owaisi, bears witness to his scholastic competence. Young Shah Abdul was raised during the golden age of sindhi culture. His first teacher was Noor Muhammad Bhatti Waiwal. Mostly, Shah Latif was self-educated. Although he has received scanty formal education, the Risalo gives us an ample proof of the fact that he was well-versed in Arabic and Persian. The Qur’an, the Hadiths, the Masnawi of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, Shah Inayatullah, along with the collection of Shah Karim’s poems, were his constant companions, copious references of which have been made in Shah Jo Risalo. He is also known for his famed Calligraphic, and hand written skills he made several copies of the Qur’an. Shah Abdul latif belongs to  a great family his grand father was also a great poet in his time and his father also was the illustrious personality. Many people don’t know that how Shah Sahab spent his childhood. Shah Sahab had seen many experience in his life. Person like Shah couldn’t get relief in kotadi so he came to bhit shah that is why he has been called bhittai. in his last days of life he thought to visit holy places he went there but no one knows when he returned back. And his rest life he spent in prayers. When his last days came closer he told to is believers to make a music ceremony the ceremony went on for three days and nights consecutively. He had a worn a sheet at that time while ceremony he died during ceremony in same condition on the date of 1165 hijra, 1752 AD in the age of 63 years. Shah Sahab has given a new colour to Sindhi poetry through his poetry letter and before him no one could not have got such destination.  Shah Sahab told through his poetry about history of Sindh and women rights, farmers social life, almighty Allah poors, peace,  love and Islam. shah is still one of the greatest poets. He never gave up he always continued spreading his message through poetry.


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