Save PARC scientist and employees


Islamabad :   (Parliament Times)  PARC scientific community, employees and representatives like to apprise three critical and burning issues being faced by the research council employees. These issues need urgent attention of Federal Government inorder to improve efficiency and reduce distress in the PARC employees.
1) pension commutation are not being paid to PARC employees and research scientists.
2) The list is being increased day by day and has reached to more than 250 employees which includes widow, poor, low paid staff waiting for their due rights for more than 2 years.
PARC is facing 2 million shortfalls in pension roll bringing in serious impact on over all establishment and operational budget of the council.

3) PARC employees and scientist are still waiting for their salary and pension increase 10 %and 5 % announced by the govt in 2020.

PARC is playing a pivotal role in making Pakistan a self-sufficient nation. In this regard, if the govt does not take any concrete steps to manage this crisis and not provide due rights to these scientists and agricultural researchers, the country might receive a decline in its food production therefore, the entire responsibility shall lie with the Present govt.


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