BAJK ~ DCL sign pact to function  through mutual cooperation


Altaf  Hamid Rao.

Islamabad  /MIRPUR  (AJK): (Parliament Times) A formal agreement signing ceremony between The Bank of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Data Check Limited which is licenced by State Bank of Pakistan and is a premier credit bureau organisation which works with major financial institutions in the country, facilitating them with credit information to screen and monitor borrowers, was held here on the other day.
The ceremony was chaired by President of The Bank of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (BAJK) Mr. Khawar Saeed and the Chief Executive Officer of Data Check Ltd Mr. Tariq Nasim Jan.

By entering into this arrangement with Data Check Pvt. Ltd. BAJK would be facilitated to access the information of borrowers/ defaulters of other Banks to refrain from extending financing facilities to them. Likewise, the other Banks will also be equally benefited by accessing information of the Credit Data Base of BAJK.

Addressing the occasion, The President of BAJK Mr. Khawar Saeed expressed his appreciation for the Data Check Ltd. & BAJK Teams for their efforts to conclude the deal. He further expressed that the data sharing access with other banks is a milestone for Bank of AJK. Availability of this data sharing facility will support the Bank to make well informed and prudent lending decisions.

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