Sujawal District without Basic in infrastructure and Facilities


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
The small town of Sujawal was also known as Manjhar because it was surrounded by Ramsar wetlands. The area was presented to Sujwal khaskheli a fisherman as a gift for making a correct prediction of Son to Mir Fateh Ali Talpur the ruler of Sindh. Sujawal was made a district after carving it out from historically rich District Thatta in 2013. Seven years have passed of Sujawal being made district but it is without basic infrastructure and its establishment has not met the expectations of people yet. All five Talukas of District Sujawal are also facing Administrative issues and are deprived of basic facilities. The district treasury/ Accounts office has not been established owing to that government employers have to go to the Thatta treasury office for settlement of issues pertaining to their salaries and other allowances. Offices of other departments have also not been established by now but as per official sources notifications for the establishment of these offices had been issued long ago but no practical movement related to the construction of these offices has been witnessed since then. Executive officers in different departments are still not appointed by the Sindh government that had made it a district during its previous tenure with the intention to destabilize the political strength of the Shirazi group that enjoys superlative influence and popularity in both the districts. When it comes to the Health Department, the seat of District Health officer is like a musical chair, it is very rare here that a DHO stays for long. The period of seven years has passed but Taluka Hospital of Sujawal has not been upgraded as a civil hospital. Few rooms of the hospital have been allotted for the District health office while no definite plan for its construction is brought forward. Regardless of all these challenges, the response of this department during the days of Pandemic is exceptional, Doctors nurses, paramedics and the rest of their team deserve staunch accolades for keeping the pandemic at bay. Almost every year the newly created district of the coastal belt area gets battered by heavy rains but district management fails to facilitate those affected people and work effectively for their rehabilitation ascribed to the unattainability of resources to cope with Emergency- like circumstances. A library was established after the name of legendary poet Sarvech Sujawali but that library has also not been provided with basic necessities as, there is no any sports complex in the district so the youth of the area is getting indulged into unhealthy activities, Furthermore the number of youth consuming Gutka and other intoxicant substances is mounting with every passing day. The local social activists raised voice for the installation of Sindh University campus in the district but their efforts vanished into oblivion due to the inattentiveness of higher authorities The Sindh government must provide a kosher infrastructure and should also launch development schemes for the uplit progress of this remote district to which we had attached cautious hopes when it was made the district.


(-The writer is a  Law Student and Columnist  based in Sujawal.)


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