An unforgettable legend of Kohistan, Sindh- Jan Muhammad ‘Janbaz’ Jokhio


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi
This is the first ever attempt in English language to ascertain the fact of the true teachings of Sindhi poet that Jan Muhammad Janbaz Jokhio is one of the renowned revolutionary, mystic and beloved poets of Sindh who not only wholeheartedly and excellently dived into the ocean of beauty of Sindh but also deeply elaborated the different systems and customs of Sindh through his various innovative and poetic devices. The neatly highlights of the biography of Jan Muhammad Janbaz with truth and beauty has been discussed here. Notwithstanding the shortage of literature on Janbaz in English, an attempt has been made to provide at least a baseline on him through the article by bringing forth the definite epithet that Janbaz is the poet of love and nature like William Wordsworth and Shakespeare etc. Jan Muhammad Janbaz was the legend of Sindh who started to lit the light of Sindhi poetry in the vicinity of Kohistan Malmari, a famous rural and hilly area located in district Thatta, Sindh Pakistan near the famous Karo Jabal mountain of Thatta. After getting birth in the house of Mir Dinu Jokhio in 1940 A.D, Janbaz completed his primary education in Malmari village and move forward for higher literary education to get the degrees of SV, Adeeb Alim and Adeeb Fazil (the traditional academic degrees of Sindhi language that time). Contrary to the tradition, Janbaz called on the announcement to raise the voice against brutality-based customs and traditions prevalent in his surroundings of the hilly area. He has the following unpublished books in Sindhi language which his son Prof. Hakim Din Jokhio is striving to bring forward with publication and shall be published soon:1. Viya sey venjhar 2. Aachenday Lajj Maraan 3. Dewan-e-Janbaz Janbaz is also famous with the tittle of Dr. Jan Muhammad Janbaz because after completing Intermediate education, he got admission in an informal distance education institution of Lahore Pakistan (VICTORIA COLLEGE) and completed the then professional Diploma in the Medicine and Physiology to serve the poor people of Sindh free of cost and he proves it while he does not open any private clinic, however, he was resistance free and tried to learn more and more from the field of medicine forever for which he had a very close professional attachment with many senior doctors too. His cousins are well known teachers, staunch scientists and prominent literary figures. The family of Janbaz is profound in education. All of his three sons are Teachers while his young grandson is also an emerging writer who is a student of graduation in Professional Secondary Education as well as practicing teacher in one of the private institutions. Staunch writer and educationist of Thatta, Muhammad Ilyas Hamgham Jokhio is one of his most trusted literary family friends along with village notable persons Hamzo Khan Jokhio and others. The students of Janbaz are also eminent scientists and leaders of today. Prof. Dr. Engr. M.H. Jokhio is a popular scientist of Pakistan while as his brother Prof. Engr. Siraj Din Jokhio is a venerated Professor of Civil engineering field. Both are close relatives of Janbaz while as famous Sindhi writer of Kohistan Mr. Abdul Aziz Jokhio, Advocate Sukhia Khan Jokhio and Prof. Amanullah Jokhio are also from his close literature pals. Janbaz belongs to a very classical family of Sindh which is a booster towards his better nurture in the early childhood. He left this immortal world on 3rd Jly 2003 with hundreds of lessons for his fans to think over and execute before his prominent spiritual leadership. His grave is at Makli Hill in the famous Makhdoom Graveyard adjacent to Govt. College Thatta at Makli. Last but not the least, a few poetic lines from the author (Jasarat) in  His Excellency ‘Janbaz’:


Janbaz you are in love!!

The love of lord

Who never becomes afraid

Neither concealed not hidden

But apparent, open mind and evident

Can not define your highness,

Just to say I love you

I love you more than ever before!!

I know, it never seems sufficient……!!

But ‘Jasarat’ and ‘Janbaz’ are travelers of the same journey……!!!!

Jan Muhammad Janbaz is the remain of history and will always be in the history of Kohistan and Sindh.



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