Off-Course Humanity

Michael Samuel
What today we are witnessing is the slaughter of humanity on every ground – from human killing to non-human killing to moral killing. A host of incidents are juggling in my mind to cite but I will put forth a few such excruciating events. Firstly, rape of a woman on the road-side before her kids which had and still has caused hullabaloo in the general public. Secondly, reported on September 1, 2020, 2 men were detained allegedly assaulting a 15-years teenager and upon resistance shot him. Thirdly, an elephant was shot dead by a hunter while drinking in a pond which later succumbed to his wound in the same blooded lake. Fourthly, a dog was tied with a tree and was beaten by some boys. The painful howling of that incapacitated dog still echoes in my ears. The key question is: where is humanity in all these heinous incidents? Are we the highest of all creatures? Humanity has almost died in our society that even animals aren’t safe by the hands of humans. The government along with laws concerning rape should also formulate laws proscribing such indiscriminate killing of wildlife. Animals can’t speak like humans do but they also feel the pain and bleed as humans do. They are also God’s creature and we would be held accountable for how we take care or neglect them.

(-The writer is Master in Public Administration from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)

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