Ideal sectarian harmony prevails in AJK: Masood


MUZAFFARABAD:   (Parliament Times)    Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has said that ideal sectarian harmony prevails in the liberated territory because of the moderation of the religious scholars. “The religious scholars and parties of Azad Kashmir, while marching on the path of moderation, have always advised the people to follow Islamic rites, and thus played an exemplary role in the promotion of the religion,” he asserted.

Talking to Secretary-General Jamiat Ahle Hadees Daniyal Shahab Madni here, he said that the life and teachings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad? and his teachings serve as the best source of guidance for the Muslim community and the whole mankind as well, and we do not need to look towards somewhere else for this purpose.

The AJK president while describing the Muslim Ummah as a big power, maintained that no power on the earth can afford to ignore the strength of the Muslim world. However, the Muslims need to inculcate unity in their rank and file, and besides upholding their strength, they should remove their all-out weaknesses, and the ulema are to play an active role in this regard.

He stressed the ulema to use the platforms of religious congregations to apprise the world of the brutalities being perpetrated by the Indian forces against the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir, and tell their followers that it is their religious and national obligation to rid their besieged brethren of occupied Kashmir, from their Indian subjugation.

The AJK President urged the ulema to consider as their basic obligations to rescue of the Muslims of India in general and the Muslims of occupied Kashmir in particular.

Paying rich tributes to the leadership of Jamiat Ahle Hadees, he said that the party chief Allama Sajid Mir in Pakistan and Maulana Siddique Balakoti and Daniyal Shahab in Azad Kashmir through their broadmindedness have played an important role in promoting sectarian harmony.

On this the occasion, Daniyal Shahab said that eradication of sectarianism, respect of ulema of all schools of thought and promotion of genuine teachings of Koran and Hadith were the basic objectives of his party.

Appreciating the role of the AJK president in maintaining sectarian and interfaith harmony and establishing contacts with the ulema of all schools of thought in Azad Kashmir without any discrimination, Maulana Daniyal Shahab Madni hoped that the state president would continue to play their role in future as well.


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