His name is Musharraf who has fled the country in real sense by staging mockery of law, constitution: Maryam Nawaz


LAHORE:    PML-N Vice president Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said the man whom government and courts have sent abroad due to ailment is being dubbed as criminal and absconder.

“The remarks have passed before my eyes wherein it was stated that an accused or criminal would be laughing while sitting outside the country that he went abroad by befooling all the system. I felt for a moment as if they are talking about Musharraf, she said in a statement here Thursday.

She regretted that the person who was sent abroad by government and courts due to his ailment was being declared criminal and absconder.

“ But Musharraf should be kept before too. His name is Musharraf, If someone has fled other country in real sense by making mockery of this system, constitution and law , she added.


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