Eradicating Mafias


According to PM Imran Khan no one is above accountability , but this word is lost after catching the sugar Mafia’s responsible people. The Mafias is more dangerous than coronavirus in these crisis times . However, the mafia has made life more difficult for hundreds of millions of people. This is a grave of concern for Pakistani citizens that Pakistan is consider a heaven for hoarders and profiteers where plunder practices and crimes have been allowed in the name of businesses . With the arrival of COVID-19 the prices of flour and sugar remained high despite recent probes which indicates the influence of mafia . Now the increasing prices of commodities are affecting lower classes of societies and breaking their backbone. So what goes wrong if a country continuously maintain the prices of things very high . We should get sure majority of Pakistan’s population is poor so how this is possible to take their three times meals even in this country receiving employment is due to corruption cause so how it’s gonna be developed.The mafia has inted billions but it has also stopped payments to the growers. The prices of things have been increased artificially . Even there is no any steps taken to ensure food securities across the country and stopping food smuggling.


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