Reopening of the universities during Covid-19 pandemic

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GM Mallah
The Federal’s Government must take the precautionary measures before the re-opening the Universities across the Pakistan. The Pakistani Universities are already in the finical carries during the last two years. The Higher Education Commission demand the budget of Rs.104.789 billion for the year 2020-21 and Rs.103.550 billion for the year 2019-20. However, the Federal Budget 2020-21, presented in the Parliament, reflected HEC budget as Rs.64.1 billion, by further reduction from the already conveyed IBC of Rs.70.00 billion to Rs.64.1 billion. Apart from the financial crises, the education loss from March to September, 2020. A total of seven months has been passed without getting quality education during the Covid-19, Pandemic.   A total of 216 Public (133) and Private (83), Sector HEIs/universities are operating across the Pakistan. The total enrollment is 1.857 million in 2018-19. A total of 24 both public (17) and Private (7), sector HEIs/universities alongwith 8 campuses of Private Sector of HEIs operating in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). HEIs in ICT having total enrollment starts from 1000 to 23000 each. Most of HEIs are re-opening from October, 2020. Now the Federal Government must strive hard to re-open the Universities across the country as PIT government has ranked education at the top. Before reopening the HEIs National Institute of Health (NIH) must conduct Covid-19 the random sampling test free of cost in ICT first than across the country. HEC will closely monitor HEIs, if the number of cases are increasing the specific intuition/University will closed immediately. These precautions measures must be taken in the light of National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination (NHS&RC), National Institute of Health (NIH), Higher Education Commission (HEC), and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) /Universities alongwith campuses of HEIs/Universities in Islamabad Capital Territory.

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