Motorway incident and Government’s Apathy


Ghulam Mustafa Baladi;
Rape is not just a women’s issue. It is about men who stop behaving like human beings and start behaving like animals. According to reports, in Punjab over last year, 3881 rape, 1359 child abuses, 1758 violence against women and 12600 cases of kidnapping has been registered. These are the cases which were registered in a single province only, there maybe a thousands of cases which were remained unregistered in other provinces to avoid the disgrace in the society. The recent motorway incident has wrecked the heart of nation and subsequently instead of investigating properly our CCPO Lahore has blamed the women for the incident and said that she shouldn’t have taken this route and checked the fuel of her vehicle before going out from home. IG Motorway Kaleem Imam argued and expressed that the incident area doesn’t come under motorway. Infact no one is accepting their anarchy and apathy in this incident. Government instead of taking notice of CCPO’S statement was even protecting him of his statement and was visibly supporting him for his anarchy. These types of PSP officers who call themselves so called civil servants never works for the betterment of the civilians and has down the moral of police department amid people. The youngsters who are aspirant to be PSP officers got discouragement from these types of careless officers. What if this same incident would have happened with one of these officers family, will their reaction be same as now?. In all this our society is also equally responsible because we live in a society that teaches women to be careful and not to get raped instead of teaching man not to rape. Eventually the reports of this incident should immediately made public, police should enhance their performance and the culprits of this incident should be severely punished publicly so that others should take lesson from his punishment and try not to do anything like this in future

(-The writer is columnist in Sindhi and English Newspapers. )



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