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Don’t waste their energy on things they can't control Mentally strong people don’t pay attention to the things which can neither be controlled nor be changed. They always work on the things which are in their reach. They are fact-oriented when it comes to dealing with circumstances. As Wasif Ali Wasif said:"Things which can keep going without you after you die are better be left going without you while you are alive." Mentally strong people focus on things which can produce results when input and efforts
are put into them. They don't criticise those things or people that they have no control on. They don't nurture such desires and wishes inside them which are unrealistic and cannot be achieved. They don't curse the things which they have no concern with them. They accept the unchangeable things and people as they are..Parents are benediction Lets count all the bounties blessed by creator. The entire universe is the stance of Allah's creations and the superior to all creations is human being . We humans are said to superior to all on the basis of sense, love , emotions , ambitions
and innovations . But in human beings , we are further distributed in relations like mother, father, sister, brother, uncle , aunts etc . Out of these all relations is one which is said to be important than anything else in world. That relation is matchless. It will be pertinent to say that after God if some one loves human is that relation. Indeed, that is none other than our parents. Parents are a child's first teacher and mentor, and aid in the overall development of the children. Parents are a second God figures who are living with in our life. Parents are the most beautiful and valuable God given gift in our life. They
listen to our problems and help us make the right life choices. Parents teach and guide us the right path and deferentiate between the right and wrong thing in life. Their love is unconditional. They expect nothing from us in return for their love, care and nourishment. The only being on the globe who continuously pray for our success and want us to progress , prosper and pass an affluent life. I wish my parents to live peaceful life ahead . I am greatly indebted to them for providing everything for my future career at the cost of their happiness. I love them for thet sacrificed their every belonging for my wishes.
I promise to stand by their side in all weathers. You are owner of my every breath . i can never imagine life without you. My prsyers and thoughts are with those whose parents hsve left this mortal world.
Please respect love and take care of your parents before its too late. Parents are real treasure . Their prsyers are the resson of relief in life and life hereafter too. Love you Ami , love you Baba. I am nothing without you and your prayers. Oh! Allah take care of my parents since they are my entire universe . indeed , they are my jannah Salman Ali Sajid Abro Larkana.How to build self confidence?The dictionary defines it as freedom of doubt ; belief in yourself and in your potencies. Many people lack the self confidence as self esteem is needed to live a happy and healthy life. Nobody teaches us to be happy or sad. These are natural feelings which come along mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically . Self confidence is something that can not be taught . It is up to the individual to decide how much belief that they possess inside themselves. I am at the point where I realize that I must believe in myself first before others see the same in me. Self confidence is not static quality; reather it's amidset that takes effort to maintain ,when this skill gets rough, it must be learned practiced and mastered just like any other skill. But once you master it you may feel huge change in your attitude towards people around
you. Confidence is generally defind as a state of being certain, self confidence is having confidence in one self. Confidence is not that big thing to achieve. All we have to do is to be determined leaders. lack of self confidence at certain times makes us disgrsceful and ashmamed. Success comes to those who have a belief in their abilities. One can not achieve his/her goal in life without self confidence because a self person is independent, eager , an optimistic, loving and postive by nature. Lack of confidence leads
to weak goals, setting the bar too low and mediocre result. Self confidence is the foundation of all great success achievement. Self confidence is very useful and imortant to achieve goals and fulfill your wishes. Know your value and feel proud and honoured to be the person you are. Be focused on your mission and believe that you can do it. Negative thoughts and feeling are the enemy of self confidence, self confidence means believing in your, self esteem affects emotion and in turn emotion affects. Self confidence is most attractive quailty a person can have how can anyone see how great you are, if you
can't see it your self? Once you start to believe in yourself. Magic starts happening self. Confidence is the key to success. Self confidence is one of the most important aspects of success at work and life.

-Farhana Kaleem Channa Karachi.


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